Sue in MotionI followed my father’s footsteps into radio in 1988 at WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station, and MITs volunteer station WMBR simultaneously as a reporter-producer and a free form DJ, respectively. I continue on at WMBR (to my own amazement), and dip in and out of WBUR in my current guise as an independent strategist and producer. My path has taken me through commercial radio, international broadcasting, and nationally syndicated news programming. I was privileged to be part of the lean, mean formative team at Monitor Radio (RIP), helping to grow it in our heyday into the second (next to NPR) most important and respected provider of daily news on public radio.

I’ve piloted several new programming concepts: Atlas, Radio Stories from Around the World (2004), and Monitor Radio II (1998), which was an experiment in producing a daily news magazine with public radio sensibility for commercial radio. Most recently, I brought together an innovative team on a soon-to-be launched pilot designed to be distributed and marketed across platforms.

I began my independent business, SchardtMEDIA, in 1998 with a desire to concentrate on ideas-driven projects. I’ve been fortunate to work on some great projects with wonderful, talented people, including launching public radio’s newest network, Native Voice One, From the Top, World Radio Network from NPR, Radio Netherlands’ documentary series, and PRI’s Public Interactive. With Walrus Research‘s George Bailey and Craig Oliver, I initiated in 2003 a 2-year benchmark study of public radio programming through the lens of independent/freelance producers.

A side-step away from radio has brought me back to my roots as a musician, enrolling at alma mater New England Conservatory to study conducting. The beat goes on. Feel free to get in touch. []