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Localore: Finding America

Predictions 2015!

Predictions2015SNAP Read more

Madame Psychosis in the Margin?

I received an interesting email some time ago from a WMBR listener, Tom Murray, who suggested my show, In the Margin of the Other (ITMOTO), partially inspired David Foster Wallace’s fictitious Madame Psychosis and her radio program from Infinite Jest. I confess that, while I know something about DFW, I’ve never read him and this is the first I’ve heard of the connection. Read more

How will we use our inventions?

Public broadcasting will be free, and it will be independent, and it will belong to all of our people. Today we rededicate a part of the airwaves for the enlightenment of all people. — President Lydon Johnson on November 7, 1967 upon signing the Public Broadcasting Act

I was invited to speak at a leadership breakfast hosted by American Public Media at the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference in Denver, Colorado, on July 11, 2014. Read more

What’s Outside? Public Media 2014


Localore was a year long, $2 million AIR production.  It was designed to spark new,  producer-led innovation at public radio and television stations across the U.S. during  a time of change.  We hired a dozen lead producers and planted them at ten radio and  TV station across the country in cities large and small.  Collectively, Localore involved  more than two hundred collaborators — community storytellers, designers, coders,  shooters, editors, reporters, radio hosts… and stretching into the community… musicians, priests, farmers, violin makers, librarians, etc… The assignment for our producers was to “Go Outside.”  We wanted our teams to invent new ways to blend digital, broadcast, and “street” plaforms, to help take their incubator stations outside their dominant mindsets, and we wanted them to physically go outside to the far corners of their local communities. Read more

Consider these new realities…


March 28, 2014. It almost wasn’t Localore. Back in the summer of 2011, when AIR was designing its initiative pairing independent producers with local stations, “Purple Mountain” was one of the names proposed by a branding company; it captured the idealism, civic  intention and long view of what the core production team was focused on as we laid out Localore’s interconnected parts. Read more

Nieman Lab Predictions 2014

sue-schardtLet’s make it clear from the start that the new year will not bring final resolution to the hot pursuit of a methodology for determining impact. Nor will we find a solid new business model to ease the pressures brought by having to deliver sharper content across more platforms and, it seems, with greater speed than ever before. Not yet. But public media is well past its crossroads, and far enough along some new paths that we’re able to see patterns emerge. Read more

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