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Nieman Lab Predictions 2014

sue-schardtLet’s make it clear from the start that the new year will not bring final resolution to the hot pursuit of a methodology for determining impact. Nor will we find a solid new business model to ease the pressures brought by having to deliver sharper content across more platforms and, it seems, with greater speed than ever before. Not yet. But public media is well past its crossroads, and far enough along some new paths that we’re able to see patterns emerge. Read more

Where I am now

I now spend most of my time running AIR, a production network of nearly 1000  media-makers working across the U.S. and 19 countries worldwide.  You can follow  my latest projects  at two sites: one focuses on recent media works, and the other is  the virtual home of  AIR.  If you’re interested in a new public media production that is  designed to push the  shift of cross-platform production, I recommend you watch our  35 minute  documentary, This is Localore. Read more

Full Spectrum Storytelling

My formidable cousin Connie loves to hunt. She’d been tracking a good-sized buck for some time out in the woods of her property in upstate New York when, she recounted to me recently, she caught up with him. She had him right in the sight of her Sako .243 rifle, finger on the trigger and, good hunter that she is, ticked down a quick mental checklist before making the shot: Feet steady, ground level? Read more

A think tank, with gose and schnitzel

Excerpts of my remarks at the Radio Features Think Tank in Leipzig

What do we take with us of our old culture when we have to go to a new country? What becomes moreimportant, what is forgotten, what is diluted or strengthened, what is new in the old or old in the new?

Filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger speaks of the past and thre present and, indeed, public  media makers in the US find ourselves at a crossroads that is affecting the political,  economic, and artistic landscape relative to the role of the maker. Read more

The Zing

Last year, I published a piece co-authored with Jessica Clark from the Center for Social Media at American University. It has been downloaded by more than 2000 individuals and has some generated controversy for the  recommendations we propose.  Since then, I’ve written more about the concept of zing, a term I originally coined at public media gathering (New Realities) several years ago. Read more

Beyond 11%

I’m on the Distribution and Interconnect Committee of the NPR board.  I made some  impromptu remarks to the board during a public session of a meeting.  It so happened  that a reporter from the trade publication — Current — was in the audience and  happened to have a tape recorder.  She transcribed and published what I said (with my  permission), and it turned out to raise some controversy from a few inside the industry,  as well as from outside. Read more

Something I’m listening to

I’ve neglected you, dear blog. Here’s a few thoughts I circulated in an email awhile back, and decided to put it up here.

I’ve been noticing over the last year or so what seems to be movement afoot of people who are bringing music to storytelling in new ways. I tend to find it as I’m perusing WMBR‘s stacks prepping for my radio show, and maybe you’re on to it, too. Read more

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