November 29, 2004

We think in relations. This is truly the form of all thought; and if there are any
Other forms, they must be derived from this.
— Herbert Spencer, First Principles

Foreword (Bill Siemering, Contributing Editor)
Executive Summary [PDF]
Profile [PDF]
Acquirers and Producers Converge/Diverge [PDF]
Opportunity and Demand [PDF]
The Economy [PDF]
Critical Questions [PDF]
Addendum A: Research Questions [PDF]
Addendum B: Mindsets [PDF]
Addendum C: Producers in their Own Words [PDF]
Addendum D: Station Sample [PDF]
Addendum E: Sample Week [PDF]
View/Print the Full Report [PDF]

Further reading:
Research reports
Independent Producers Report [PDF] — Walrus Research
Acquirers Report [PDF]
— Walrus Research
Content Analysis [PDF]
— Craig Oliver

Producers in Their Own Words [PDF]