Thanks to the project Advisors, who helped a great deal in shaping the research, provided advice, and opened doors as we gathered the data needed for the study: Peggy Berryhill, Native American Public Radio; Dolores Brandon, Executive Director of AIR; Craig Curtis, Director of Research and Station Relations at MPR; Peggy Girshman, Assistant Managing Editor at NPR; Will Lewis, Management Consultant for KCRW/Los Angeles; Davia Nelson, Kitchen Sisters; Jake Shapiro, Executive Director of PRX; Dale Spear, Vice President of Programming and Acquisitions at PRI; John Voci, Station Director/WCAI-WNAN and WGBH; and Johanna Zorn, Executive Director of the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Jackie Nixon, Dana Davis Rehm, and Joyce MacDonald at NPR also offered valuable advice and assistance.

Jay Youngclaus, our liaison at CPB, has been a critical sounding board and readily available with his frank perspective, and to him I am grateful.

Mapping Public Radio’s Independent Landscape is a project of SchardtMEDIA. This study would not have been possible without the financial support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, KCRW in Santa Monica, Minnesota Public Radio, Public Radio International, and WGBH in Boston. Our research would not have been as complete without assistance from our Project Partner, National Public Radio.

Bill Siemering serves as Contributing Editor, and the project’s Research Partners are Walrus Research and Craig Oliver, with Steve Martin of SFM Consulting contributing as Research Associate. I’m grateful to each of them for their diligence and flexibility as we developed the methodologies, carried out the research, and navigated the occasional, unexpected turn in the road.

Sue Schardt, Project Director
Boston, MA