… we know that transformation comes from the outside. We were very deliberate in pairing you – an outside, lead collaborator with an ‘inside’ ‘station producer. Our independent lead producers are coming from the outside — they are working for AIR— to introduce disruption to the dominant order at the station. They are change agents….”  


Today, a most extraordinary day at MIT’s Open Docs Lab where our new Localorians assembled with the AIR team and assorted guests to plan for how they’ll take on the challenge of inventing a new public media.   Youth Speaks National Program Director Hodari Davis talked “radical love,”  and we invited Beth Altringer and Lilian Taylor from Harvard’s Desirability Lab to provide tools for how to build in new spaces.   And in my remarks to our producer, I spoke about how they should begin to build new models that would inspire others across public media…that would endure over time.  I acknowledged the discomfort they were experiencing as they entered new and unfamiliar territory in physical, psychological, creative space,   Here is a transcript.   And you can watch the full session with Hodari, including the Q&A with our producers that followed here